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babylon survivor

We Project-Or

We Project-Or

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The We Project-Or is among the works I am most proud of, not only because of its criminal design that devours the living room in a futuristic vibe, but because I had to perpetuate the insight that struck me and explained to me that we do not really see the world we live in, but The world that is within us.
So if the world is not so rosy, despite the red eyes, and we want to see it change for the better, we better look inward to be honest with ourselves, and correct where necessary.

So in conclusion, the We Project-Or is my way of always reminding me and you that 'and love your neighbour as yourself' is not a theory or a recommendation, but a real truth.
You are me, and I am you, and we are all reflections of each other.
And since we are too limited to correct ourselves on all dimensions in this allotted time we have left here, I believe the world will be corrected faster if we always remember and apply 'love your neighbour as yourself' in complete understanding that we are all one, as I tried to convey through this creation, and that we must first learn to love ourselves With all our souls so that we can easily love all the other infinite reflections of God on Earth.

Prices start from 3,000 NIS for a half-body model in the picture, with a smart LCD projector in HD quality, and reach up to NIS 6,000 and even NIS 9,000 for full-body models and much more professional projectors from the Benq and Epson Brands.
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