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babylon survivor

MK Ultra Fishtank

MK Ultra Fishtank

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A 25-liter aquarium from an old TV that gave the verdict and repented to tell us the hard truth that it has actually all this time served as a sophisticated weapon to steal our consciousness away from ourselves and from God, and enslave us to the Babylon system which she served.

You can see her as a fugitive criminal who was caught after many years and received a plea deal that would serve as a state witness and slander anyone who hired her in exchange for a pardon, who would give her a new life with a new identity. Sounds like a better deal than the life she had until the moment she was caught, therefore sh did not object when she was stopped and got into a car without any unnecessary dramas, and throughout the investigation she cooperated exceptionally well, which was not at all obvious, given her dark and evil past.

So when you have at home even a converted TV, the feeling of freedom is tremendous at any given moment, because the truth should no longer be heard only in words that fade after a few waves, but immortalized and speaking from the materiality of Babylon in all of her glory, who thought she would defeat our spirit in her most stupidity, and instead surrendered to the new soul that she was given by God through mankind, with humour and understanding that everything is from God and that this is her true correction in this world

watch the video of he verdict here.

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