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babylon survivor

Babylon Skyline Screen

Babylon Skyline Screen

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Anyone who knows me well also knows that I really do not like TVs, not only because of the fake News, but mainly because they have been dictating the living room arrangement for too many decades in a way that makes them the main point and purpose of the house.
The Babylon Skyline Screen is the solution I found to hang on the living room's wall instead of the black mirror that used to tease me and wink at me and my guests even when we choose not to fall into its trap.
And since I like to listen mostly only to music and Torah lessons from the computer, I do not need a TV screen at all, but I still have the need to design the wall and make it useful for my needs, and whoever hears and creates good music also needs good acoustics, which is exactly why Babylon Skyline Screen was born .
So how do I still allow myself to occasionally indulge with some important movies or even play the PS like a boss? Simply lower a scroll screen from the ceiling and place in front of it a smart projector that controls both Android and the wisdom of kabbalah check  out the We Project-Or.

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