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The Smart Sleeve

The Smart Sleeve

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Meet the Smart Sleeve! The ultimate food and scratching product that will make sure your loved ones never run out of food, even when you are out of the house for long periods of time, and not less important - a product that will keep the food fresh and free of dust and pests, and the furniture in the house a little less damaged.

I never imagined it would solve so many other frustrating problems for me when it comes to cat food.
The main reason I built the Smart Sleeve in the first place is to get rid of the nasty invasions of ants and snails into the food bowls. Anyone who lives in a flat house knows well that this is a war that is hard to beat despite all the tricks (which are also clearly not aesthetically pleasing). So I wanted to build a facility that would challenge invaders and along the way meet a few more needs.
After a one-year trial period with the product that came out I noticed the following changes:
1. Ants and snails are no longer coming! And it was a daily nightmare that used to steal from me of a lot of energy.
2. The relatively small diameter of the tube still allows cats to eat as elegantly as they know, but unlike food bowls, does not allow too much fur and food flakes to stick to the eating surface and thus it is kept clean over time.
3. Even if a few pieces of food fall near the fixture, the carrying handle at waist height allows the entire fixture to be moved quickly, without any need to bend, thus cleaning is done instantly and without agony. The carrying handle also allows you to hang the fixture on the wall if you want.
4. The cats eat as usual and easily because even before they received the facility, I filled the bowls with food immediately after got emptied. And the weight of the cats is stable as before.
5. No need to bother neighbors / friends / family to keep and feed the cats when I am out for a few days, which gives much more comfort.
6. The food is kept fresh inside the pvc pipes that protect it from oxidation, dust and sunlight.
7. Storing food bags is a thing of the past. The facility does this on its own despite its compact dimensions.
8. The sofas are less interesting because there is now more stimulating furniture to explore with the nails.
9. Free up a lot more time and mood to do other important things.
10. The house is more beautiful - the guests are enthusiastic and also want 😋

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