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babylon survivor

BS News

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The name Babylon Survivor is not random at all.
I always know that everything here is nonsense and that all this stuff we are chasing is one big BS, and that the MSM news in particular is the most smelly bullshit we have ever agreed to digest. So today my two cats feel comfortable to add to the TV some of their own crap as well since it has always been filled with BS.
And the message that was important for me to be heard from this TV back to the media is: "Everything comes back to you and poop in your hands." sounds better in hebrew ;)

The original screen was replaced by a dark Plexiglas panel that continues to fool us that it is still a standard TV, but thanks to the motion sensor inside, which turns on the LED lighting when the cats enter from the side, you realize that this is no longer a regular TV, but a genius artwork that will put shame on all those criminals who were trying to manipulate and enslave the minds of the human race through television, and bring them to justice before they accomplish their wicked agenda.