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Happy Trumpet & Teffilin Shelf

Happy Trumpet & Teffilin Shelf

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A huge Codo Shofar along with a pinewood shelf in the shape of the molecule of the hormone 'Serotonin' which is responsible for the feeling of love, joy and happiness which we so desperately want more of it and sometimes forget or have difficulty practicing it.
Inside the hexagon there is room for the Zizit with the Tefillin. Inside the Pentagon there is room for the Torah and all the related Sidurs.
The Shofar rests there confidently on the molecule to remind us to be always happy, especially while putting on the Tefillin and blowing the Shofar that need us at high frequency to open up heaven's gates.

Shelf dimensions 130 * 50 * 20
Shofu Kodu dimensions 80 cm

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