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babylon survivor

The O.G Spot

The O.G Spot

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Although I would not ask for any more lockdowns that would not allow us to leave the house, but I am glad that thanks to these lockdowns, families in Israel and around the world understood how important it is to love and spoil the house in every way to reflect the identity of its occupants like it's unseparated from the family. So after you start to bring into the house all the extras it needed to get a soul, you realize that for a maximum and powerful experience, we also have to give it a sexy point that will always wink at us every evening at the end of work to come and make love with it so the whole house will enjoy to the point of an orgasm through the gratitude we expressed towards our home through our love for this sexy corner, because it is the one which reminds the landlords that it loves him for being a really unique O.G., and that only thanks to him it is also so special and attractive. And as Frank Sinatra the O.G. used to sing "I Did It My Way", the term Original Gangster is associated solely with successful people who did it in their own special way, and not necessarily with violence as one would expect from just a toy gangster, but necessarily thanks to G's inspiring bravery to succeed against all the chances and risks, and to fulfill the dreams by a strong belief that he is the center of the world and that the whole world belongs to him, and therefore the world will be flexible to its demands and not the other way around, because what adds the O to the G is first of all the G's loyalty to himself for not letting the advice of others replace his inner voice which he will always trust above all.
So it's true that 'Scarface' ended his career relatively quickly, but precisely because of the predetermined ending I was inspired to imitate the sculpture 'The World Is Yours' that stood by him in the pool he fell into and filled with his blood, because although I would not wish myself a violent life like his, I learned from this film To always be true to myself and to treat the world as my world until the day I die, but unlike 'Scarface', I will take care of the world and nurture it because I know God brought me this world as a gift, so I will do everything to keep that gift forever.

The infrared lights around the sphere illuminates the house and 'The World Is Yours' when on, and the entire O.G. spot (area) becomes active with a sexy ambient light. In my case, the O.G area includes a few more O.G's related art pieces that give this night light a reason to be there, such as The Union JackBox, that has it's own infrared lightbulb on top of it's door, so when you open it, the infrared of the fridge alone illuminates the sphere on it's axis even when it's off. second art piece is the 'Spacecats Collage Grow Fridge', and 3rd is my grandpa's framed tank top, which was my first designed merchandise with Printful. The 'Baylonian Mafia Tank Top'

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