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Bicycle Day Everyday

Bicycle Day Everyday

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25 acrylic-painted canvas frames along with an iron hanger and the figure of Albert Hoffman, the inventor of LSD.
Familiar to all the naughty wonders in the world as the International Bicycle Day which is celebrated every year on April 19th and this is what the symbol of that day looks like - the day Albert Hoffman tried what he boiled, got on the bike, and saw the world again from the eyes of the little boy he used to be who was enthusiastic about creation as if it was real magic. And this is my reminder to myself and to you -
That if we only remember to see the world as we saw it when we were children, then we will become children again, and we really do not need any psychoactive drugs for it, but to remember that the inner child of us all is always alive. We just need to stop anesthetizing him all the time with our bland pursuits, and allow him to rave with his imaginations to whatever districts he wants, because the inner child really knows that life is indeed one mighty magic, so anyone in the world should give this child a lead in his place to reach These marvelous districts together.

The average length of a large bicycle is 180 cm, so for the proportions, the size of the frames together is 320 * 320 cm, but it is possible to reduce it to 290 * 290 cm in case there is a ceiling that is not high enough.

If you do not have 3000$ or a high ceiling and still want a few micrograms that will light your house and bike for life, you are welcome to purchase only the figure together with the iron hanger for 400$ and settle for a small tip, because it is really huge and strong stamp, so start slowly, in small doses
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