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The Union JackBox

The Union JackBox

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The art piece in front of you is probably the most beautiful tribute that Israel could have dedicated to England, because it is the legendary 'Amcor' 'Peer' model of the '60s', which we all crave but know that apart from the exterior shape, the plastic inside is more reminiscent of the 30s and we liked those years less 🙃
Therefore, even if the refrigerator had come to me when it was perfectly fine, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it, and that it 

would no longer be refrigerator .

So after 5 years of searching for a refrigerator without tinsmiths and explosions in the plastics, and another 3 years of waiting with it until I devoted enough time and energy to this project, I started working on it, and I can say it was the hardest project I have had to date and mostly the most stressful, because there is no room for mistakes with old things that can no longer be achieved, and every little step should be considered with patience, care and planning as in a chess game against a dangerous opponent.

Inside the freezer is the amplifier, with the speakers and turntable in the refrigerator itself, both of which and the infrared lighting system are turned on only when the refrigerator's original light button is released when the door is opened, so the amplifier can remain on even when the door is closed so the vinyl record could play from zero speed to constant speed, and by this way the carousel effect is created when the door is opened and closed, which makes the experience especially entertaining and exciting.
So of course I would have not paint the door in the Union Jack style of the Kingdom of England if I did not believe that the best music artists in the world came from there, so all the ten velvety shutters in this luxurious walnut-like door are reserved exclusively for fine British music records, as an integral part From my tribute to the English for their huge contribution to me and the whole world.
Beneath the records there is still a place of honor for a bottle of fine cognac and two crystal glasses, and below them there is another place of honor for a box of fine cigars that closes this whole circle with rich elegance that reminds me that only tycoons with a lot of money can afford such treats 😎

So if you're a tycoon and your home still lacks something groovy to bring to life, talk to me and I'll make you a Union JackBox from another refrigerator waiting for me for surgery.

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