Babylon Survivor was created to awake and unify mankind by spreading beautiful educational truths. We are living in a time of a mass awakening and it's awesome, but there are still many minds that have to un-plug, and we believe that it is humanity's responsibility to help one another, so there is a no better creative way to open random people's minds and hearts than wearing our mind-blowing designed clothes and make an impact on the streets. 

Our Philosophy 

We believe with all of our hearts that everybody seeks Zion, but we also know that finding Zion is impossible without self education. Our main goal is to encourage everybody to start educating themselves from the internet and gain the knowledge, tools and skills to build a truly independent life. Selling our designed clothes is our best proven way to share our knowledge with the world and push mankind to the spiritual understanding that life is absolutely magic, and only when we will truly understand that, we will start seeing and doing magic everyday in our lives. We can tell you that after exploring many aspects and mysteries from within and without, we still admit that we do not know a thing from what is really happening in this crazy universe, and this is the channel that keeps us thirsty for even more knowledge and creativity. This is the channel that keeps us young.

Our Commitment 

We promise you a full satisfaction with our customer service. Our clients enjoy super fast deliveries and high quality products that last for many years. Our clothes are printed in u.s.a., and most importantly - we do them with lots of love and with the sense of a mission. 

If you have any questions you would like to ask, click "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page and we would love to help you. 


 Idan Shahari (CEO)

 Idan Shahari (CEO) 

"Thank you everybody, for supporting babylonsurvivor.com which is the story of my life! This is a One-Man's Show and I promise you that the best is yet to come! your support gives me the power I need to overcome my fears and share many more stories and lessons which I believe the whole world would appreciate, so thank you once again, and I hope my brand inspires you."  

"I want to use this stage and opportunity to thank God almighty for not giving up on me and for giving me the power to learn all the things I wouldn't believe I am capable of, so I can fulfil my dreams and be the best version of myself. This is why you will find here many designs that praise God - because if not for him, babylonsurvivor.com was not even born."