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babylon survivor

Mezuzah Of Peace

Mezuzah Of Peace

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the biggest wish I had since I came to realize that art is my passion, is to tribute all my work to the love of god, and not only by my own work, but with sharing this love among my studets that want to learn and expand their knowledge so they could tribute their own works to god with love as well, and this wish came true not a long time ago.

these beautiful Mezuzahs are made by me and my students who have special needs, and they are always in total bliss when we make them because they are absolutely angels that know already how good it feels to create art that praises god and gives meaning, so be sure that besides the amazing look of these Mezuzahs, the energy they store inside is pure love. 

the Mezuzahs are made from super premium, high quality epoxy resin with pigments and olive tree slices, giving your home the final touch it needs to bring peace into the house and keep it that way forever.

15 cm length

2 cm depth

2.5-3 cm width

12 cm channel for scroll

for other sizes contact us to make a special order

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