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NFT Hydroponic System

NFT Hydroponic System

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The Shemita year brings with it solutions that we will all be happy to adopt throughout the coming years, and the best example of this is the hydroponic vegetable garden system that allows home-grown vegetables with liquid fertilizer, without the need for soil, to consume its freedom once every seven years.

Even for garden owners it is really not easy to grow fruits and vegetables at home and get a healthy and nutritious product frequently, which will provide the required amount for the whole family without relying on food chains. There will always be problems of lack of fertilization or over-fertilization, insect pests and lots of other troubles due to neglect of the plants, as plants that grow in the soil need a lot of care and supervision, which we do not always have the tools and knowledge to treat them as we hoped.
The vertical hydroponics system is the perfect solution for every home in Israel and especially for families who still live in Babylon's buildings, for whom a garden is still a distant dream, and all there is is a sun terrace that just begs for some green.

It is advisable to purchase the basic 44-cell system to enjoy a constant supply of fruits and vegetables throughout the year and for the whole family.
Dimensions: length 280 cm. Height 150 cm. Depth of lower threshold 70 cm.
The kit comes with a professional treatment and fertilization kit that includes liquid fertilizer, lowering acidity, pH index and water conductivity index, plus an instruction booklet for system and plant maintenance over the years.

with an exciting collaboration with the Israeli company Livingreen, which proves to the whole world that blue and white products are the most worthwhile investment in the world ❤️
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