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Zoroastrian Bucket Hat

Zoroastrian Bucket Hat

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Zoroastrianism is the first and most ancient monotheistic religions of the world. In fact, it is the religion that gave birth to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and it was founded by the prophet Zoroaster in ancient Persepolis (modern day Iran) at around 1500 BCE. Unlike the 3 religions it gave birth to, Zoroastrianism kept it philosophy quite simple - That life is magic and that heaven and hell are the creation of our minds, and only if we we will seek the truth, think good thoughts, speak good words and do good deeds, we will create a heaven on earth. unfortunately, with the violent invasion of the islmaic arab states to Persia, zoroastrians were extremely persecuted for their belief up to the point where it got almost extinct, after being the most popular religion that influenced the western world and had millions of believers. Today there are approximately 200,000 zoroastrians in the entire globe and most of them are actually in India.

Fire is the element that represents the zoroastrian faith, and after exploring a bit more about it, we found out that the fire was picked to symbolise the flames of the Vimana (chariot) of the gods when they descended from the skies, or in other words - The Annunaki which from heaven to earth came to seed man kind. That is also the reason for the wings of the zoroastrian symbol (Farvahar). much more evidences for that can be found in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq), not far away from Persepolis itself, that clearly show that our ancestors are not from this planet.

We are so exited to release this epic hat design because we believe it has the power to awake it's 3 most popular religions to their original truth and perhaps unite the world by understanding that all religions complete each other perfectly to the zoroastrian belief.      

This bucket hat is a combination of timeless practicality and vintage style. Perfect for fishing, hiking, and 80s-90s nostalgia.

- Mid-profile, 3” crown
- 98% cotton/2% spandex
- Comfortable fit
- Maintains shape
- One size fits all: head circumference 21 5/8” to 23 1/8”

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